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Friday, 2 March 2007

So What Is Inclusion?

Well after over a year and a bit, we are nearly there!

I've been writing a resource pack and have had an amazing journey doing it. Thanks to Abby for trusting in me, I hope it's all going to go OK in sales. We have got our first order! Yahoo!

At times the pack has over taken my degree, but luckily I have been able to use it as part of my studies, so I guess that makes it not so bad. In the last two years, I don't think I've ever written so much. This blog is part evidence of that. I've got word diarrhea!

You have to understand, when I started at Uni, nearly three years ago, I honestly felt I couldn't write that well. Then I started doing OK with my results, and suddenly it all comes out...The worry for you is I know there's loads more to come. There's lots of stuff that didn't make it into the resource pack and I'd like to do something similar, without all the HTML interactive stuff. A little simpler so I can just write.

I now understand why writing a good book takes so long. Don't bother with those auto biographies by celebs who do it in two months. Reflect and then reflect again!

I've got a tutorial programme running at SFX on Monday, which is amazing for me. The whole college does the session, run by their tutor group leader. It's a bit nerve wracking as you wonder how the tutors interpret your plans and notes, but it's a good college with good tutors, so I hope I haven't let them down in writing!

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