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Saturday, 10 March 2007

I know I've said it before!

The resource pack has now finished the proof reading stage and amendments made. Now it's off to the printers in the next week, soon to be available in all good UK Youth resource catalogues!

As a result, I haven't done much else, apart from studying, writing and more studying. My aim in the next two weeks is to get my dissertation completed. After my last few negative TV watches I haven't missed getting angry at poor TV portrayal.

On another note The BRBB might be getting played on a podcast thingy! Wics! I'll let you know when/if it all happens.

I took a little break on Thursday afternoon, I needed to get out for air, so headed to Richmond Park for a half hour. Hence the piccy! Spring in the air......spring in the air yerself ya old eejit!

Oh yeh, The St Patricks Day count down is on, come on the boys today. The triple crown could be coming to Irelands shores! Up the boya!

Be lucky


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