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Saturday, 17 March 2007

The jury is out on Comic Dis-Relief

Last night was Comic Relief and I always feel split on what happens. I know it saves lives and has made big differences. I've worked on funded projects that could only have happened as a result of Comic Relief & the like. But........
As a rule, I reject the idea of Non-disabled actors playing about in wheelchairs, there are plenty disabled actors out of work as a result and at least three owe me money!
Andy Pipkin, Brian Potter and even my beloved Borat have got me thinking. Harmless fun? Making a laugh at societies attitude rather than impairment? Means justify the ends (or is it the other way around)?
I don't want to be a hippocrite, I have loved and laughed at Peter Kay, Borat and Little Britain, but last night rammed home what I don't like, or feel uneasy about, in each of them. It was amplified by them all being together and now to be on the same record and video which will be a hit for sure.
So the Jury is out. I might have to burn my beloved Phoenix Nights and delete Borat from mySpace friends.
Well, it's St Patrick's day, rugby's on and we are stronger than any comedy characters..but the jury is definitely out on these old faves of mine.....Help.

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