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Sunday, 14 June 2009

While I have the chance.

I'm glad the greens did well in the recent elections, the only party with a strong social model of disability policy, which is desperately needed. Sorry I don't believe the argument that those voting BNP were doing it as a protest, there were at least another 10 parties on my ballet paper that could have been voted for that weren't racist, narrow minded bigots, so why choose BNP for a protest?

Rant over, very busy at the moment so apologise if this blog is more like a list than a reflective diary. Currently working with Orpheus 'Breakthrough Media Group' developing the second Independent Living Podcast (visit & click on news to listen to te first), Disability Initiative in Camberley delivering a Decision making Accredited programme. Equality Street Cabaret received rave revues in Stratford as part of UK Youths 2b or not 2B national youth work conference.

I had a great night with Newham Youth Service exploring their inclusive practice and CIL discussions in Merton have moved to a snails pace as we have reached the 'money stage' of development, suddenly the brakes have been eased on and we await progress. The band and my music work generally, is very, very, very, busy and I'm very pleased and grateful considering we are in a recession. We had a great time with Haydon the Womble at Hyde Park (click on pictures of main site) and we are now rehearsing hard for a small-scale tour in Ireland and then a number of workshops in Greece as part of an exciting European Performing Arts Seminar. 'It's My Money' should be completed soon & I hear from some of the gang who participated in last years Starting Out programme are doing well in their transitions.

So haven't got much time to mention that I'm slowly learning new film editing skills (visit rockin news to see my homage to AFC's promotion) we've got new calfs being born back at home, new rockinpaddy T-shirts are on the way & you can pre order by dropping me an email on the main site) AFC have gone up for the second season and that my garden is in desperate need of some tlc, off to rehearsals, I'll try and blog in between Ireland & Greece or just after....if I survive