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Saturday, 17 February 2007

Long time no speak

Well Uni is back in full swing, my resource pack is getting close to it's completion date and it's all happening. Writing so much for that lot, I try and get away from the computer whenever I can.

Still, I had time to read my mini shreddies cereal pack this morning and it inspired me to write!

Basically it was all about high fibre, healthy lifestyles and going regular, if you know what I mean. There is a picture of Dr Carol on the back and she is going on about how we should make sure to buy cereal with this particular high fibre logo on. Fair enough, then you know you are eating healthy stuff. Just in case you are wondering, I was actually havin a sausage (see the weekly order list for Saturday) at this point.

But then her picture gets me thinking....She was proudly wearing this high fibre logo as a badge? Why in Swansea would you want to wear a badge that signifies "I go regular because I eat high fibre"?? Birthday badge - ok, favourite band - why not, even "I love real ale" is acceptable content for a badge, but not "I eat high fibre and so I have regular bowel action". Whats really funny is that she's got one of those big false smiles that say "I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable and need to go" type thing.

So, although I could write about serious things like children's rights, inclusion, the culture in primary schools or even the UNICEF report released earlier this week, I would rather use this blog to alert you to this crazy fashion statement and encourage us all to be brave and say no to "healthy bowel action" badges...feel free to join me...with the no badge thing...not with the downstairs activity.

Be lucky


Editors note: The toilet picture is instead of the actual logo, which I have got but because it's copywritten, I thought it not best to reproduce, if you want to see it - email me and I will oblige.

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