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Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Free Sourcing

Thanks to free source software I've nearly cracked all the things I would wish to do on my computer. It also means that my back catologue of recorded music is now digitally enhanced, cleaned up a bit and secured.
I had two tapes of songs that were the only ones in existence and included a couple of successful blasts from the past that I would have been gutted had I lost them. The original recordings are on a reel but I haven't got one of them and the reel is in the darkest depths of "the big cupboard". I've downloaded three free source bits of software. All brilliant and they do the job so mind map, hi Q recorder and my old friend audacity, thank you, I'll be donating to the cause! They go to prove that as long as you don't go download crazy and run a few safety checks, you can get really good tools that don't cost a fortune and help to make those big boys even greedier for your money!

On another note after two days of preparration and getting a few things off my chest, I'm well up for that workshop I mentioned in the last blog.

One more thing is it only me that's sick of hearing about the american 'primaries'. The clue is in the title! There's loads more to come with the actual elections and its already getting as much air time as our UK elections and loads more than any european news, which we are actually part of. I'm not US bashing, more media bashing to get it all a bit more in perspective. We have lots in common with more countries than just america so calm it down a bit. Hilary and Barack will let us know which of them will be taking over from W.

Be lucky

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