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Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Was I just in the wrong place?

The 3rd December is/was International Disabled Peoples Day, but you might not have known that. I kept a look out, told people on my face book, was hoping there might be a story or two for my students to pick up and talk to me about in their lesson. Nothing, zilch, zero. I know there must have been something going on, the day couldn't have gone by un-noticed, could it?

The UN started the day and each year have a different theme, this year was 'decent work for disabled people (well people with disabilities is what they say, but I just can't physically right it that way, it's not very social model now is it). The aim of the day is to mobilise support for disability issues! Well I'm mobilised, but did it touch your day? Did the person who has never thought about disability issues suddenly see the light as a result of the day?

I know it takes more than a single focus day or some gimmicky thing to change attitudes and I'm sure that there were some excellent conferences and seminars, debates and lunches and I know not everything has to be splashed across the media for it to make a difference, but just one ickle recognition of it would have got my mobilisation up to full speed. An opportunity missed? probably. Attitudes changed or challenged? Who knows. Disability issues promoted in the media? Not much.

Well next year I'm going to colour my hair yellow and blue, get naked (dependent on the temperature and speed of my mobilisation as a result of other events on the day) all day and I'm gonna get Guinness to mobilise me inside and then I'm gonna head to Downing Street and I'm gonna celebrate my unique diversity and my general contribution to global politics and get on the news for kissing Gordon Brown whilst singing The Stranglers golden Brown, but humorously singing Gordon instead of Golden (D'oh). Or then again, I might just carry on doing my own little thing, obviously that will still include Guinness but fully clothed and with no trip into central London, so probably better all around, and it probably won't mobilise many new allies!

Be Lucky,


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Anonymous said...

That's true, there was very little in the media. I'm training to teach (Well done on your degree by the way!) and when I'm done, I'll definitely be trying to do my bit to raise awareness every day not just once a year... It's all about the education.