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Thursday, 25 January 2007

Testing, Testing, Testing

well I thought it was time I tried out the technologies of a blog site. As it is the beginning of 2007 it seemed like a good time. I'm not sure who is going to read this. In fact I'm not sure why I'm doing this? It just felt like a good idea. I have a flickr website and have had great fun with it, but as I have been writing a lot recently, a blog seemed like a natural progression.

I guess its traditional with the first entry to tell people about yerself but I guess anyone interested probably already knows me, or if not, will do by the time I've done a few entries.

My old university lecturer at Goldsmiths, London told me "when I'm training others, always find out the purpose? Why? So what will I explore in my blog, what is the purpose?

Well, I think it will be a place where I will let off a little bit of steam! Fairly regularly I get very annoyed with different news articles and the way media portrays or makes assumptions about disabled people, so this seems like the perfect place to vent that fury.

I have also got a lot going on in my life this year. I'm in the final stages of an education degree, so no doubt that will be a bit of an emotional roller coaster. I should hopefully be getting a new adapted van so this will provide a few adventures. And finally the band is planning a few gigs, so this should provide one or two humerus entries. I guess everybody says that their blog will be a mixture of funny and serious but I'm not too sure about mine. I'm just going to see where it takes me.

Do you fancy coming along for the ride?

Be lucky,


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rockinpaddy said...

I'm only leaving a comment on my own blog site! Brilliant.