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Thursday, 26 June 2008

Single Equalities Again

The government announced once again it's intentions to introduce a single equalities bill today. It got chucked out before because of concerns from many who had fought for the various focused discriminations acts. The concern was, and possibly still is that individual strands of diversity and equality will be watered down. Todays news coverage demonstrates that that concern is well justified.

Remember how you cringed when you worked out what the lyrics to "melting pot" actually meant and this is on the road, bland homogenised policy which possibly doesn't address the real deal of discrimination. Actually I quite liked the song but loud and proud of who you are it certainly 'ain't!

I wrote a piece once about justifying the need to focus on individual dimensions of equality in order to truly understand the particular and unique characteristics of the various forms of discrimination and oppression. Of course there are cross-overs and links which have helped us to come together and unite but there are distinct and subtle differences which make each form of discrimination unique to a particular dis empowered group.

If a single equalities law truely addresses issues of power & social change then it sounds good, but already there are concerns that things like Disability Equality Duties will be watered down to a commitement rather than enforceable duties, so we will have to keep a watch on this one as it could be good or it could go against the battles already in progress.

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